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Daniel in the Homophobic Lions' Den

The first bible story used in the Sacred Queer Stories project was the Old Testament story about Daniel in the lions' den. Through a group-process of contextual and creative bible study, the bible story was re-told and developed into a drama play titled Daniel in the Homophobic Lions' Den. In this play, Daniel is a LGBT activist in Uganda who is arrested on the basis of the Anti-Homosexuality Act, but who is miraculously freed from prison.

The drama film Daniel in the Homophobic Lions' Den was screened at the Changing the Story international online film festival (June 2020) and was awarded the festival's platinum audience award!

Watch here the introductory video in which Raymond Brian introduces the film and nominates it for the Changing the Story festival. As he puts it:

In this film, we use the story about Daniel in the lions’ den to play out the drama of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda and to celebrate our liberation.

The actual drama film can be watched below.

Film credits:

The Nature Network, Nairobi, 2020

Producer: Josh