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The Nature Network

The Nature Network is a Kenya -based transgender-led, refugee social support safe space. It was formally launched in 2015 but it was incubated in 2014. Its aims are to

  • Engage in mobilisation activities for refugees to attend or benefit from programmatic activities such as; awareness raising, information raising, planned activities, health education, human rights orientation, skills improvement.
  • Provide space for dignity-affirmation and self-esteem enhancement among LGBTIQ refugees.
  • Engage in livelihood implementation to improve economic and skills development for LGBTIQ refugees.

Nature Network runs a community house in Matasia, at the outskirts of Nairobi, offering shelter to a group of refugees, with numbers ranging between 15 and 30.

Executive director, Raymond Brian, introduces the Nature Network as follows:

"We use family-based therapy activities to build a context stimulating healing, agency, autonomy, self-belief, self-determination and self-preservation. We enhance continued humanisation of LGBTIQ refugees by highlighting opportunities for participation in daily activities of life through planned community activities. We promote and advocate for protection of rights and dignity of refugees irrespective of status, origins and we provide navigation services including accompanying those who have to keep their appointments at health facilities regularly. We promote tiering, linkage and referral services uptake. We have been a landmark facility and a first point of contact for many refugees since 2015."

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Nature Network's community house offers a safe shelter to refugees. Photo: Johanna Stiebert