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UCAA Uganda launches “This is my story” campaign


The Universal Coalition of Affirming Africans (UCAA) Uganda has recently launched a new campaign under the title "This is my story, I am still human". The campaign aims to provide insight into the lives of LGBTQ+ Ugandans in order to enhance understanding, recognition, and inclusion.

Please watch this video in which UCAA-Uganda national coordinator, Tom Twongyeirwe  Junior, introduces the campaign:

As part of the campaign, over a period of ten weeks, every week a video will be released in which a Ugandan LGBTQ+ person shares their life story, telling about experiences of religious, societal and family based discrimination in Uganda, but also about their hopes and dreams for the future, and about the ways in which they experience love, faith, and joy in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Please also watch the campaign trailer video here:

Do keep an eye on the UCAA-Uganda campaign website for further videos in the coming weeks, and also follow UCAA-Uganda on social media for further updates on the campaign ( Twitter and Facebook).